Thursday, July 7, 2011

"OIL & GAS, CORAL REEFS and GHOSTS? - T&T on SyFy Channel !!!"

On July 13th at 9:00 p.m. SyFy Channel will be premiering its newest season of Ghost Hunters International (GHI) and Trinidad and Tobago will be the featured in the first and third episodes. 
Join the entire nation and millions of other viewers from around the world to offer a 1.3 million spike and celebrate T&T’s debut on the world’s most haunted locations list.

"Welcome to Lopinot" screenshot from GHI Teaser Trailer

The GHI crew visited T&T in February (after being invited by Fernando Rodas – T&T’s very own Ghost Hunter) to scan our local ‘ghost’ hotspots – Lopinot and Chacachacare where “there was definitely something” according to GHI specialist investigator Barry Fitzgerald.

Both sites have long been held in local lore as being haunted and when we tune in on the 13th, the truth will finally be known both at home and across the world. This is indeed a unique opportunity for T&T as millions in North America and throughout the Globe tune in each week to see the GHI series.

The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFC) played an integral role in facilitating the GHI Team’s visit and was commended by them for being the “most hospitable” film commission ever. 

“Coming to T&T was easy.
Getting here was fine and the
equipment importation was smooth...
The TTFC really helped and
we haven’t been treated this well
anywhere else we’ve shot..."
  Star Clements, Production Manager Ghost Hunters
   International,  Pilgrims Films and Television.

Such service is but one of the functions of the TTFC. Like other Film Commissions (such as JamPro in Jamaica or the Barbados Film Commission), the TTFC is a specialist agency mandated to promote T&T as a film location and to allow for smooth visits by foreign crews. However, TTFC has also been given an expanded responsibility to implement programmes geared toward building a sustainable local industry as part of the economic transformation being undertaken by the Government.

Many nations have long since capitalized on the many offshoot benefits of being selected as a location for filming and T&T is on its way to doing just that. Through the work of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company Ltd. (TTFC), the Government has embarked on a series of developmental and promotional programmes geared specifically at creating a self-sustaining and revenue-generating industry as part of the thrust to diversify and transform the nation’s economy.
"Chacachacare Island" screenshot from GHI Teaser Trailer

Other Caribbean islands have been generating millions of dollars in foreign exchange and at the same time tapping into the priceless promotional opportunities such as was proven when Jamaica was blessed with a spike in Tourism just after the premiere of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.

The TTFC offers support with customs duty waivers, work permit applications, sourcing of on-the-ground crew and promotes T&T’s competitive 30% cash rebate (on on-location expenditure) which are services that are key to attracting foreign film crews. For 2011, the TTFC has facilitated over (5) foreign crews and is expecting another (3) before the end of the year so far. In the past, crews hve visited to capture Carnival, Caterpillars and Cuisine but, this has got to be a first!

By facilitating GHI, TTFC has secured invaluable exposure for T&T. Tune in on the 13th July at 9:00 p.m. to support SyFY Channel and be part of a 1.3 million spike in viewership! For more information on the TTFC visit or call 625 FILM (3456).

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